Friday, December 18, 2009

How do you keep your TravelScoot from rolling?

From Denise:

I just traded my Camry hybrid in for a Highlander SUV. The hybrids trunk was so small and I really wanted a vehicle that I would keep my scoot set-up in.

Yesterday I was able to go out shopping all over town and lift my scoot in-and-out of the vehicle without breaking it down and setting it up once again, it was wonderful! What I need to know from other's who do the same is how do you secure your scoot from rolling around in back while driving. I have set the hand brakes so the back wheels don't roll but the front wheel still swings around. I am thinking to get two bricks and place on either side of the front wheels. Any better suggestions out there? I'd hate to have the scoot roll back and break out a window.


  1. Could you put a pillow or folded up old blanket or towel beneath that front wheel, so it sorta sinks in and thus doesn't roll?

    Bricks scare me, both for how they might bang up the scoot, and also not a good thing to have flying around loose in a car in case of an accident (heaven forbid.) But it also has to hold ME comfortably!

    I'm also wanting to eventually trade in my Camry for something that can hold a fully assembled scoot, and also two dogs, plus luggage/packages.

  2. I drive a 2000 Toyoto Sienna and keep my scoot loaded back in first just behind my driver's seat. I secure it with a black rubber bungie cord hooked to the strap on the back of the driver's seat. Stays put very well and so easy to unload and load up. I sort of use the front wheel as an anchor as I lift the back end up into the van then just roll it in.

  3. Anonymous (Nancy?) -- Would love to see a picture of your TS in your Sienna. I gather it's a (mini)van, with easy-to-open side doors?

    We're trying to figure out how we're going to get my TS plus 3-4 suitcases into my car for trip to airport. Will prolly have to fold down TS into its bag, and put in back seat. Then assemble in airport parking -- hopefully, under cover.

    For those of you who don't experience it firsthand, winter changes a lot about using the TS. Not impossible by a long shot, unless it's really coming down; otherwise just takes more planning.


  4. Ayn (who bought her scoot the same day I bought mine!) sent me an email to post:

    "I too have a Highlander and my Scoot lives in the vehicle. Put it in front wheel toward the front and set both brakes. If it is against the back of the second seat it doesn't budge."

  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions!!

  6. I use my old SLA battery to block the front wheel from moving in my Honda Element. There are tie-downs built in but the battery works perfectly. I don't normally use it for power but keep it in the car just in case.