Friday, December 18, 2009

ScooterMama's First TravelScoot Report

From Anne:

I'm having a great time with my 'Scoot, limited somewhat by winter weather and in-house festivities (Thanksgiving then Chanukah, both with house-guests.) Everywhere I go, people want to know more (hence my request to Tony for more bizcards.)

I keep my TS in the trunk of my Camry, mostly assembled, just removing the seat and the front wheel. Every few days I bring in the battery to recharge. Even hubs is impressed at my ability to manage it "all by myself".

My first 'Scootin trip was on a pre-winter day, to Walmart. The wind on my face as I rode thru the parking lot into the store felt great! I bought mini-bungy-cords and a light that I've not (yet) been able to attach -- there's so little room on that handlebar! I've also added hooks and a drink cup from Think-King.

Wondering if it would be OK to move the left brake grip a little one way or the other, so there's room to attach the light? With the days so short now, I'd be happier having a light on the 'scoot.

I did a major grocery shopping using TS. I had the store manager set aside a regular grocery cart for me, in which I placed a sign, as in the pictures above. I gathered what I needed in several trips, using two store reusable shopping bags on my hooks, plus the red triangle, and unloading into the cart when full. It worked OK, although I did need help getting that cart to checkout -- I was not able to manage the store cart while 'Scooting.

I think for a smaller shopping trip, I'll use the store's electric cart, with its basket. Wegmans does a pretty good job of keeping them charged and working, at least at their flagship store where I shop. I'm still wondering if I should order a TS-brand basket or get another basket I can attach to the fromt of the TS.

Hubs and I were able to go present-shopping together for clothes for son and DIL. Hubs said he's never seen me move so fast, and was impressed by the smile on my face while shopping.

While son and DIL were in, we made a trip to Best Buy, so they got to see their ScooterMama in action. They thought it was the coolest thing, and son said, that thing is so right for you, I'm so glad you got it.

That's it for scootin' stories, for now. In a month and 1/2, we'll be trying an airplane trip and then a cruise with TS, for the 1st time. Hoping all goes smoothly, but a bit nervous, nevertheless. But I definitely know that cruise will so much more enjoyable, as I zip from end to end of that big ship and back, rather than being in constant pain and/or not going somewhere because it will hurt too much to get there.


  1. Anne, would you PLEASE take a picture of your scoot in the trunk of your car? I have a Camry too, and I want to see how you're storing yours without having to fold it down. Also, what year is your Camry? Thanks!

  2. Anne,
    Looks like you are having fun with your travel scoot. You will enjoy flying and cruising with it. I have a TS basket but take it off when I fly. I am really having blog posting trouble so I just use anonymous.

  3. My Camry's an 02. Will try to get you that picture -- it's darkish in my garage & my phone camera has no flash.


  4. Next time you drive your car to a bright sunny spot, flip open that trunk and take a picture. I *really* want to see how you're breaking it down in your trunk. :-)

  5. It wasn't sunny yesterday but it was bright enuff for pix. Just sent you three.

    Hope they answer your questions; if not, ask away!


  6. I just got the pictures. I'm going to see if that trick works in my Camry! I'll post the pictures to the blog tonight so everyone can see. I'd really like it if I didn't have to fold it for it to fit in my trunk. Thanks!

  7. Today I "Vaselined" the post of the front wheel -- makes it much easier to take on & off. Ditto the seat.

    Is this arrangement -- just remove front wheel & seat, & collapse front post -- working for your 'Scoot in your Camry, Elizabeth?

    Oh -- one warning -- don't wear knit gloves while trying to get the wheel in or out -- I tore my new glove trying to do that on a very cold day :-( .