Monday, December 7, 2009

Old Helsinki, by TravelScoot

From Elford

Went scooting downtown. The days are getting short now so there isn`t much daylight to work with. Helsinki is the same latitude as Anchorage Alaska.

1. On the Metro.

2. Waiting for the 35 degree elevator at Metro station

3. On Senate square in front of the dome church.

4 The low grey building in the distance is the oldest building in Helsinki.

5. By an old water pump.

6 Looking back toward Senate square.


  1. Elford, these pictures are great. Thanks so much for sending them. I imagine that stone is pretty bumpy to ride on!

  2. What's the blue bag over the motor? Is it a shower cap? Is it for rain protection, or something else?

    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!

  3. Great pictures. Did the 'Scoot go on it's own or did it bring along it's Master???

  4. That Travel Scoot looks mighty lonely out there by itself. We'd love to see your smiling fact sitting on it!!