Thursday, December 10, 2009

TravelScoot Insurance Question

From Anne

Hubs asked me, what insurance do we have, to cover any damage to TS while travelling. Would it be covered under homeowners insurance? Trip insurance?

I'll be looking into this over the next couple of days, but wondering whether you and/or any of your readers have investigated this.


  1. I finally looked into this question of insurance coverage for TS.

    Our homeowners' insurance covers damage to or loss of TS, whether at home or traveling, under "Personal Property Covergae", in full but subject to our deductible.

    Our trip insurance might cover a few hundred bucks, based on reading the policy.

    Looks like primary coverage is thru H.O. insurance.


  2. I just got my TravelScoot Dec 1, 2009. Can't believe I waited so long... anyway, I contacted my State Farm agent to find out how I could protect my new best friend. She told me that my homeowner policy would cover the TS if damaged or stolen, BUT my deductible would have to be paid ($500) AND it would count as a clain on my policy. She suggested Personal Item insurance. There is no deductible, and it won't count as a claim against my homeowner's coverage. My premium is $8.50 per month and will cover the cost to replace the deluxe TS. I will have to pay for shipping. This type of policy also will cover laptop computers and any cell phone that costs $300 or more to replace. When I find the receipt for my laptop, I will add it too.

    I think my piece of mind and total replacement is worth the $8.50.

    Linda in Kentucky