Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peggy, Stripe and a VERY Cool Basket!

From Peggy:

As you can see from the pictures, Stripe and I have been doing some outings. The one with the basket was a trip to Hobby Lobby in Hammond. When I shop with my friend Ann, it's guaranteed to be at least 1 hour. I could last about 20 minutes and would then go check out and wait in the car. I was zipping all over Hobby Lobby.

I don't normally use Stripe at WalMart because I'm pushing the basket. One afternoon I had to stop after school and was tired. I put my basket on Stripe, grabbed my striped bag, and hit the store. I figured, no basket I couldn't get that much. What a laugh. I enjoyed shopping the whole store. When I finished, the cashier had to help put the bags on the handles so I could put my hands on to keep the bags on. I didn't think to have someone take a picture with my phone.

Today, I had to drop off my car for an oil change and a to have a new tire put on. My friend, Carole, met me. She had called Ann at 8:00am and she said no way was she getting up. I needed a few things from WalMart; Carole and I were out of there in 15 minutes. Then we went to Big Lots to get a Christmas Tree and all the trimmings for one of my student's who could not afford one. I walked one these two trips because I hads a basket to lean on and I knew we would be fast. We passed near Ann's house and dragged her out of bed. After a quick McD's stop to deliver the tree and breakfast we hit WalMart. This time Stripe came out. We went all over the store. When we got in line, I thought to get the Santa hat. We had one person in front of us. Ann and Carole had things to check out. I told them, I was headed to get the hat on the other side of the store. Since it was so cold this morning, no one was there. I flew through the store Fred Flinstone style so I could stop fast if necessary. I got the hat and was back at the register before my friends were finished checking out.

As you can see we loaded all of our stuff on Stripe and then took pictures. What a hoot.

Then we went to get my car and Ann rode Stripes. Her comment, "We all need one of these things." I made sure we got it in the car quickly before she decided to keep him.

I can enjoy going places with slow shoppers again.

From Elizabeth:

I've already sent Peggy an email asking for details about that basket.  It looks wonderful!


  1. Somehow I knew you would, my partner in scooting!

  2. That is an awesome basket, and I love that big bag too. I wouldn't mind having both of those.

  3. I looked at wicker baskets a while back and think there are some that look like this at