Thursday, December 3, 2009

Krystal's Accessories

From Krystal:

Elizabeth, I thought you might get a kick out of some of my accessories. You can see my list holder (the clothes pin on the shower curtain ring), my dashboard clock (cheap Wal-Mart watch with the band cut down), bag holders (stroller hooks from Toys R Us), shades holder (black bottle holder from Mori), on board purse (flowered rock climbing chalk bag from REI), Telestik holder (cheap bottle holder from Wal-Mart – the Telestik is a telescoping magnet/sticky pad grabber). Finally, although you can’t see it too clearly, I figured a way to store my tools in the point of the V basket (Velcro of course).

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing the little gadgets everyone finds for their scoots. I admire your grocery list holder. I was going to make one but then I realized I could put my list in my Think-King drink holder along with my phone and keys and it works ok. I enjoy the watch and colorful bag holders :)