Thursday, May 28, 2009


From Cynth:

The buggy hooks arrived today so I took some pictures. They look like they will work great. After attaching them I pulled on them to try to get them to slide down the steering upright, and they did not move.

Also when my 2nd set of hooks arrive I am going to attach them to my cane. I think it will work just fine for holding two more shopping bags if I need to use them.


  1. Okay, you've convinced me. I just ordered a pair of the hooks, and I also want to try their drink holder. Whoo hoo!

  2. They really do look handy. I have dug out my other canvas tote so I have a matching set.

    I normally put my purse in the front basket but I want to free up that space by not carrying my purse. All I carry in my purse is my wallet, my cell phone and a bottle of water.

    I ordered a clip for my cell phone so I can clip it to my waistband. The clip came yesterday and it is awesome.

    My wallet has a wrist loop I can hang from my new hooks. I now have the drink holder for my water bottle.

    Also since I saw you guys are using that fabric caddy I thought I would give it a try. I put it on my scoot tonight and set a 12 pack of pop on it. It seemed pretty solid, so that will be where I carry my 12 pack of pop or other heavy items when I go shopping.

    I am trying to make it so I do grocery shopping trips without using a shopping cart. I think once the other hooks get here I am "there".