Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water bottle holder attached to basket

From Cynth:

The water bottle holders I purchased will not attach to the upright but they attach to the basket just fine.


  1. Cynth, so you have the basket attached with just the pink sparkly dog collar? I see where the bottom part of the basket is fitted into silver holder for it. There isn't anything else attaching it? Has this been working well for you?

  2. I use the dog collar on top to replace the black plastic zip tie. My fingers can't do zip ties anymore and it was a tad too short.

    On the bottom I do shove those 2 small pins through the holes to hold the bottom in place. The pins are small so you can't see them in the picture.

    I would be nice if the bottom pins were larger. I have a hard time dealing with small things because of the arthritis in my hands.

    I did move the bottle holder to the back of the basket on the right hand side, and since they came in a set I can attach the other drink holder on the left back side of the basket. In case I need to hold someone elses drink for them.

    The basket works well for me when I shop. I usually put my purse in it and when I shop without pulling a shopping cart along side me I put shopping items in the front basket.