Friday, May 8, 2009

TravelScoot at Disney World

I have a friend from exercise class who just took her new TravelScoot to Disney. She was there for three days. Normally she rents a scooter, so this was her first time taking her TravelScoot. Let me see how much I can remember of what she told me.

Airport: She got a gate check tag for it when she checked in, then rode it to the door of the plane. The man who checked it was fascinated by it. She was VERY happy about not having to walk in the airport. I don't know about all of you, but airports are a real problem for me. I know many airports have carts you can ride in, but it's hard to find one when you need it and it doesn't take you to baggage claim or to your hotel transportation, but the Travelscoot will!

Busses: It was much easier to take her scoot on the busses than it was to take the scooters she rented in the past.

At the park: LOTS and LOTS of people asked her about her scoot. She said she wishes she had had business cards to give out.

Shopping: The Travelscoot fit in all the little shops at the park, and it was easy to go between the aisles too. That's difficult to do (and sometimes impossible) with a regular scooter.

Battery Life: She took her charger to the park just in case, but never needed it. She said the battery life was great.

Triangle-shaped carrying pouch: She was amazed at how much she could fit in this pouch. She was in charge of purses and shopping bags.


  1. i think we are going to try disneyworld later this summer. they have a special for military and retired get in free. i always carry cards and brochures. i write my name on the back. i tell them if they buy to tell hardy i sent them. there is so much interest. always on cruises there is MUCH interest.

    smiles, bee

  2. Awesome :)

    Triangle-shaped carrying pouch? What is that, have I missed something?

  3. Ok...(she says 5 min after posting that question)

    by triangle pouch do you mean that "Fabric Caddy" that you can attach to the frame?

    I am in a state of DUH today :)

  4. Bee, I hope you'll send a picture of us on your TravelScoot at Disney!

    And yes, Cynthia, "fabric caddy" is what I meant. At the time, "triangle-shaped carrying pouch" made more sense to me. Whatever it's called, it holds a LOT of stuff!

  5. Hello, folks! I'm buying my Travelscoot this month and have a question about the buses at Disney (or city buses). When the drivers strap down a scooter they use a lot of pressure on the strapping belt and I'm concerned that it will damage the lighter TravelScoot. Any comments on how to manage this? Will they allow you to ride without strapping it down?

    This is a very informative forum!

  6. Thank you for your information.

    I am thinking of getting one, mainly for around the house.

    Please can you tell me how it copes with drop kerbs or uneven ground, and if you have found a way to lock it? thank you