Monday, May 25, 2009

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook

From Cynth:
I also ordered these:

They have open hooks. I hope between the 2 types I can rig something up on the front of my scoot so I can do a lot of "this and that" shopping with canvas totes instead of a shopping cart.


  1. sounds like a great idea. i don't use a shopping cart but then sarge goes with me. we just "pile 'em up!". i was thinking of some sort of "hang on" container to hold stuff, like a big gift bag sort of thingy???

    smiles, bee

  2. Bee, I use the reusable grocery bags you can buy (usually 99 cents each) and just hang it on the handlebars. It won't work for a big bag or LOTS of items, but it works great for a few things. That method doesn't need any hooks.

  3. Bee when you say you "pile them up" do you just put things on the fabric caddy?