Monday, May 18, 2009


On Saturday, Melissa, Rhonda and I went on an adventure. (Melissa's in blue above, and Rhonda's in pink.) It was day #3 for Rhonda's TravelScoot, and we wanted to break it in right, so we went to the mall. We started by loading both scoots into the back of my Honda Odyssey, then off we went to Sephora, then the Apple store, lunch at a sidewalk cafe, Pottery Barn, Dillards, and many stops in between. We just about walked Melissa's legs off, I think.

Overwhelmingly, the reaction to our scoots was positive. People smiled and gave us the thumbs up, or chased us down ("stop! stop!") for more information. We wrote on scraps of paper, and Rhonda even stopped in the middle of the mall to show a grandmother, her daughters and grandson how it worked. By the time I got there she had the older woman (and her oxygen tank!) on the TravelScoot and she was headed off. This is a family that travels, and they want to go to Disney. The daughters were impressed by how light the scooter is, and the teenage grandson was just itching to try it. In the parking lot we were stopped again where we gave another demo. The only negative reaction I know of was the one Melissa got from one of the janitorial staff, who told her, "I hope you're using that thing to exercise!" This is ironic, given that Melissa is certified in group fitness and water aerobics, and teaches very popular classes. (See more at

After the mall we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We were barely in the store before a woman ran after us to get more information. She has a sister who would benefit enormously from a TravelScoot. We were also able to talk to her about the exercise classes Melissa teaches, and she said she and her sisters would see us there.

And a great day was had by all!


  1. That looks like fun day! Though I would of had to of told the janitorial staff person where they could put their broom and I'd of offered to help them get it there.

    It's nice to see so many people interested and asking about the scoot.

  2. Oh believe me, Melissa took care of it. That girl has backbone!

  3. honey wait until you get on a cruise ship! i have to carry hardy's cards with me, they run me down all the time and in port too. and my grandchildren love it when i let them ride, they think it's tits! totally! aren't we lucky???

    smiles, bee

  4. Bee, I wrote Hardy and asked for some business cards to give out. He's sending them to me. Thanks for the suggestion!