Monday, May 25, 2009

Think King Cup Holder and Hooks

I found more information on the hooks Cynth posted about. They're called Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks. They also have a cup holder that sounds like a great accessory.

The Think King website is at:

Reviews of their products:

Think King sells the hooks in packs of 2 on their website for $14.99. They have a drink holder for $14.99 too, that holds more than just drinks.


  1. Well I wish I would of found that website and saved me a lil $$. The big cup holder does look awesome, but it is pretty big. It would work great to hold the cell phone and other items too.

    I got shipping notifications for both kinds of hooks today so they should be here soon. My sister, daughter and grand daughters are arriving this weekend and we plan on going places, so the hooks will get a workout next week.

    Since I will have someone with me we can take pictures of the hooks in use. I will see how much they can take.

  2. Cynth, pictures would be great! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.