Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comments on "Coming out as a Scooter Babe"

I am so happy you used your TravelScoot to go to the doctor. I keep being amazed at how often we have those events where we are hesitant and then find out that there was no reason. Your post was great.

Hopefully it will reach a few of the people who are holding back because of what "other people" will think. I know, I would have ordered mine several weeks earlier than I did if I hadn't been hesitant about other people's opinions. Even when I told the nurse- practitioner about it, I did it in an e-mail so I wouldn't have to face her in case she didn't approve. Once again, that wall came down. I think our families and we are our "worst enemies" because no one else really seems to care. I think the people who stare and/or snicker at us on our scoots were doing it when we were on our feet also, we just have learned to not notice it.


oh elizabeth, mine was going to the club. we live next door to it but i always had to drive as i could not walk that far. i am younger than most of the members and being heavy (most of them are tiny old people, you know the ones). sarge would want to go play poker and i'd want to go to the club. he'd drop me off but i'd have to sit there over an hour to wait for my ladies. if only i had the nerve to ride the scooter! finally one day i did it! i parked it out back by the door and got off and walked in. on one said a word! now i ride over most every day! wonderful.

i never worried about riding on a cruise ship because i didn't KNOW those people, you know? now i wear my tiara and go!

smiles, bee

There is a few seconds of unfounded fear for me every time I open my trunk to take out the scooter.

But I have that same few seconds of unfounded fear anytime I know I will be in a group of people that I don't know. Which in Boise is all the time since I don't really know very many people here.

I have never had anyone say anything rude to me while I have been scooting. No one has said anything negative to me about using a scooter. In fact my family was happy I "finally" got a scooter.

The only possibly negative experience with the scooter was in Target when I caught a 17-18ish year old looking girl taking pictures of me with her camera phone... now mind you I have no idea why she is taking the pictures but when I looked at her she started pretending she was doing something else. So I picked up my camera phone and aimed it at her and acted like I was going to take her picture. The look on her face was priceless I wish I had actually taken her picture. She dropped her head and RAN to the next isle where I couldn't see her.

It was kind of scary the first time I used my scooter at work. But yet again people proved me wrong. Everyone said positive things about the scooter if they said anything at all.


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