Friday, July 17, 2009

Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

We've been having afternoon rain showers here for the last couple of weeks, so it's not surprising that I got stuck in some rain while shopping at Walmart. It's best not to get the TravelScoot wet, but it was raining a bit when I went to my vehicle so I decided to see how it would work out. I was driving our Odyssey, which was great because I could put the back of the van up and keep me and the scoot dry while I loaded the groceries. I was feeling really brave and decided to go back in the store for more things. Let me just say that making a 180 degree turn at the same time you're pulling a grocery cart, just starting the scoot AND going up an incline is not a good idea. Especially not in the rain. Yes, you guessed it. My battery overloaded.

No problem. I turned around to go back down the same incline I had just come up. I stayed on the scoot, left the battery turned on, and gave it a hard push with my feet. (Thank you Rhonda for the brilliant idea!) Yeah, the battery started right back up. At the bottom of the incline I made another 180 degree turn while pulling a grocery cart, just starting the scoot and going up an incline. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that, yes, you guessed it -- the battery overloaded again. Now I'm sitting in the middle of the parking lot aisle, wet, laughing, and looking around to see who might be watching me, or making a cool "stupid scooter tricks" YouTube video.

I stayed on the scoot yet again, left the battery turned on and gave it a hard push with my feet. THIS time once the battery came back on I kept going before I turned around and gave myself a running start as I tried the incline again. I'd also let go of the cart so I wasn't dragging that extra weight. Success! Wet, but no worse for the wear, I headed back into Walmart and did another round of shopping. By the time I checked out the second time, I was just about dry.

Unfortunately it was still raining. Oh well!


  1. What a terrible shopping day!

    I have yet to overload the battery on my scoot, the only time I have came close is when I got the back wheel stuck on the corner of a display case and was giving it the "gas" and it wouldnt go... durrr... the red light flashed and thats when I noticed I was hung up on the corner.

    I have shopped with mine in the rain.. and it was pouring rain. I just went as briskly as I dared into the store and backout. By the time I got it out of the trunk I was soaked, same story when I was putting it back in.

    Sorry you had such a moist day.

  2. It actually was more funny than it was terrible. It's interesting that you haven't overloaded yours yet, I seem to do it regularly. Oh well!

  3. I don't think I encounter near as many inclines as you do. Some of the parking lots have a slight slope to them, but no inclines that are very steep.

  4. i ride to the club for cards and here in south florida it rains a bit every afternoon in the summer so i bring a big umbrella and hook it on the front and if it's raining i just pull it out and fly! but then i am not full of shopping stuff at the time either...

    smiles, bee

  5. What about the scooter tipping over? Should you wear a helmet?

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