Friday, July 17, 2009

Third TrolleyBasket Trip's a Charm

The picture is Cynth flying around a corner in the grocery store with her TravelScoot while pulling her TrolleyBasket. I think she's on two wheels! (With the TrolleyBasket, that is.)

From Cynth:

I did my grocery shopping yesterday, this was my third trip with the TrolleyBasket.

This time at checkout another nice lady behind me in line offered to help me get the items out of the TrolleyBasket onto the counter. Lots of nice helpful people out there. Anyway after all the items from the TrolleyBasket were on the counter I took my totes off the TravelScoot and placed the full totes on the counter.

When the checker started to scan my items I told her that all the loose items needed to go back into my TrolleyBasket and the items in the totes needed to go back in the totes. She understood my "master plan" and things worked out great.

She commented that the TrolleyBasket was a handy little cart and she wanted one. I told her they are available online and that they are made for grocery stores. She liked the idea.
When I got to my car I was able to fit the full TrolleyBasket in the trunk with my other full totes and the TravelScoot.

I probably had about 45 pounds of groceries in the TrolleyBasket so it was a bit of a lift but not too bad.

The checker did not put any of the items in the TrolleyBasket into bags so that made it easier to put things away when I got home and I "saved the planet" by not using grocery bags :)

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