Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scooting along with the TrolleyBasket

From Cynth:

I went to the grocery store Saturday and took the TrolleyBasket along with my TravelScoot. It really did work so much better than just my totes. There was a sale on meat and I was able to buy enough to restock the freezer above my fridge. The TrolleyBasket holds a lot of items when arranged for maximum capacity. The TrolleyBasket was as easy to pull full as it was empty.

The only real challenge came at checkout time. A very nice lady in line ahead of me offered to help me unload my TrolleyBasket, so that part was cool. But the problem (at least my percieved problem) was how the checker bagged my groceries. I asked her to put all the meat into my largest tote (as it is the same size as the inside of the TrolleyBasket) so I could then put that tote into the TrolleyBasket. I asked her to put all my other items into another tote (which I had them all in and attached to my hooks). She spread the meat out into grocery bags and both my totes, apprently I was not clear enough as to what my "Master Plan" was. Anyway both the canvas totes ended up weighing more than I felt comfortable hanging from the hooks on my TravelScoot, so I had to have help out of the store (which is fine, but I don't like it lol).

The TrolleyBasket was nice to have to pull the heavy totes into the house with. When I first ordered it I thought I would only use it when I needed to buy heavy items, but I think I will be taking it in with me most everytime I shop. It really was nice to be able to stock up on sale items and not worry about putting so much weight on the hooks of the TravelScoot.

They are talking about buying me a laptop computer at work to replace my desktop system. I work from home two days a week and currently just use my home PC to log into the network at work. They want us to use company equipment to log into the network and that means I will have to carry the laptop back and forth from home to work a few times a week. I think the TrolleyBasket will be put to use for that too. I carry my TravelScoot battery and my paperwork in a large tote, adding a laptop to that I am afraid would aggravate my back. I have one of the Pack-N-Roll file carts that I used to use to carry my things in and out of work with, but the TrolleyBasket is smaller and easier to fit into the trunk (or backseat) than the Pack-N-Roll.

To see a video of Cynth using the TrolleyBasket with her TravelScoot, click here.


  1. I am pleasantly surprised with how often people offer to help or go out of their way to hold a door open or just smile and nod at me when I'm on my scoot. I'm glad you're having the same experience.

    I look forward to hearing how your TrolleyBasket holds up. It looks like it holds a lot. If you had it all to do over again would you order the larger one instead?

  2. If I had to shop for more than just me and the dog I would buy a larger one.

    I need to use this one through the checkout a few more times and see if I can explain myself clearly enough to the checkers that "what is in the TrolleyBasket needs to go back IN the TrolleyBasket".

    It was amazing to me how many bags the last checker managed to fill in a way that would not fit back into the TrolleyBasket.

    I may buy a larger one just so I can get out of the store without "help".

  3. I did my grocery shopping yesterday, this was my third trip with the TrolleyBasket.

    This time at checkout another nice lady behind me in line offered to help me get the items out of the TrolleyBasket onto the counter. Lots of nice helpful people out there. Anyway after all the items from the TrolleyBasket were on the counter I took my totes off the TravelScoot and placed the full totes on the counter.

    When the checker started to scan my items I told her that all the loose items needed to go back into my TrolleyBasket and the items in the totes needed to go back in the totes. She understood my "master plan" and things worked out great.

    She commented that the TrolleyBasket was a handy little cart and she wanted one. I told her they are available online and that they are made for grocery stores. She liked the idea.

    When I got to my car I was able to fit the full TrolleyBasket in the trunk with my other full totes and the TravelScoot.

    I probably had about 45 pounds of groceries in the TrolleyBasket so it was a bit of a lift but not too bad.

    The checker did not put any of the items in the TrolleyBasket into bags so that made it easier to put things away when I got home and I "saved the planet" by not using grocery bags :)