Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scooting at the Red Stick Farmer's Market

I had a colorful, hot, tasty, luscious, lively Saturday with three dear friends. Without my TravelScoot I would have skipped this adventure to the Red Stick Farmer's Market and missed out on the tomatoes, peaches, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit pies, bread, and chicken salad we bought. (Next time I'm getting green beans and squash too!)

I haven't had many experiences yet using my scoot in crowds. I was careful to move slowly, but learned that I need to be more alert when I'm backing up.

I hadn't realized what a social event a farmer's market could be. We ran into two ladies from our exercise class, and one of my coworkers was there. I don't know why I have concerns over how people are going to react to the scooter OR me being sleeveless because they really just don't. He was happy to see me and introduce me to his companion.

Now all I need is some white bread, bacon and lettuce for a BLT!

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