Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JetBlue Airline policy on scooters and wheelchairs

The information in this post came from the JetBlue website. link

According to jetBlue's website, you can ride your scooter all the way to the gate.

Battery-Powered Mobility Aid

JetBlue defines a "Battery-Powered Mobility Aid" as any assistive device used by individuals with mobility impairments such as a wheelchair, scooter or a Segway when it is used as a mobility device by a person with a mobility-related disability. link

Wheelchairs, scooters, and assistive devices on JetBlue

We transport all types of personal wheelchairs including folding, collapsible or non-folding manual wheelchairs, battery-powered wheelchairs and scooters, and other assistive devices. JetBlue will accept battery-powered wheelchairs (unless it is a folding model) and mobility aids as checked baggage only. Battery-powered wheelchair batteries are not permitted in the cabin.

JetBlue Airways accepts both spillable and non-spillable batteries in wheelchairs and mobility aids. However, respirators and ventilators are required to have non-spillable batteries only. Batteries used for assistive devices require labeling: the outer packaging must be plainly and durably marked “NONSPILLABLE” or “NONSPILLABLE BATTERY” or "SPILLABLE BATTERY" so that crewmembers can exercise proper handling procedures for the different battery types.

In addition to collapsible assistive devices which can safely fit in an overhead compartment or under a customer's seat, one folding, collapsible or break-down wheelchair per flight may be stowed onboard the cabin. This is determined on a first-come, first-served basis at time of check in.

Alternatively, JetBlue will accept such items as checked baggage at the ticket counter and/or gate. Checking and returning of personal wheelchairs at the gate area upon arrival can be arranged. Detachable items such as seat cushions and foot rests may be carried onboard. link

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