Thursday, July 23, 2009

How people act around the TravelScoot

Rhonda sent this to me after her weekend at the taekwondo event in Birmingham, AL.

I did learn a few things about the TravelScoot, in general, this weekend. Here goes:

1. People really don't care that you are on a scoot, they will walk across your path, stop in front of you, run right into you while you are sitting still and act like you did something wrong and most important, think that you can somehow step aside when the two of you meet. The scoot is not the problem, I noticed people in wheelchairs and on crutches being treated the same way.

2. If people are staring, it is because they think its cool and are considering how they could use it to: __________________ (fill in the blank), but will never admit it because they think people may stare at them using it. That fixed stare and far-away look in their eyes is them visualizing themselves with the breeze blowing through their hair.

3. If you leave it unattended, someone who really wants to go for a ride will be checking it out within a matter of minutes. (I never venture more than a few feet.)

4. It is like the Pied Piper for children, they will chase you and ask all kinds of questions. Children don't care who might see them, if you offer a ride they'll take it.

5. If you get up to sit in a chair, someone who is curious will ask if they can just sit on it for a while, but you could never get them to ride it.

6. I won't ever take a trip again without it.

I'd like to add that it amazes me how many teenagers also find it totally cool and want one. I think it's because they grew up riding 2-wheel scooters and the TravelScoot looks very much the same, except it's got a seat.

It also amazes me how often I am sitting still and someone walks right into me. I know I'm not at their eye level, but this is a new experience for me!
In the picture the tag you see hanging from the front of the scoot is a gate check tag.

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