Friday, July 10, 2009

Rhonda on the Road

Rhonda, hubby Dave, and son Mark traveled from Baton Rouge to Birmingham, Alabama for a Taekwondo event for Mark. Of course Rhonda took her TravelScoot and didn't make it through the first breakfast (just this morning) before she had people asking questions about it.

Here's what she had to say...

"I didn't bring my scoot in, But that didn't stop me from talking about it
at breakfast. Dave and Mark slept in, so I came down for breakfast by myself. I
struck up a conversation with the people around me. We all wound up at the
same table. We all felt twisted like pretzels from the beds. When I
commented that I was glad I wouldn't have to walk all day, because my back
hurts, they wanted to know how I was getting out of it. I told them about my
scoot and they were impressed. One of the men said that he has knee problems on
a regular basis, but nothing that would require a scooter and all that it
requires. I gave him a card and explained the TravelScoot to him. He said he has
no problem with the stigma of riding a scooter because he has been active all
his life and now feels like his body is betraying him. He just didn't want one
that would be "more trouble than it's worth". Dave told me that I have to
stop accosting total strangers to tell them about my scoot. I don't think I'm
accosting people, I think that I'm just tuned in to their interest."

The picture to the left is Rhonda's scoot saying, "This is what I want to be when I grow up!"

Dave says he's sorry the focus wasn't better. His Blackberry was feeling a little shaky. Rhonda says you need to make the grunting noise that "Tim the Toolman Taylor" used to make when you view it.

We're not sure what the other vehicle actually is, but it looks like a Segway with a third wheel. The BJCC on the side is short for Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

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  1. "I think that I'm just tuned in to their interest."

    I think you are too! hahaha I am glad so many people are talking to you about the scoot. Hopefully more people who "sorta need a scooter" will end up with one.