Friday, July 17, 2009

Lynn Ellen in Australia, Day 2

From Lynn Ellen:

[Today] I zoomed around on the TravelScoot in the mall, and because the elevator was broken from the parking lot in the basement, I got off the Scoot and rode the Travelator, which is a moving ramp, like an escalator without stairs, and the Scoot was easy to just hold onto as I rode up.

Later in the day, we drove to the National Gallery of Victoria, an art museum that is free, except we had to pay for the
Dali exhibit, which was so interesting. He was so interesting, many of the paintings were amazing, but I am not sure what I make of the whole body of work or who he was. But never mind. it was wonderful to see so many works in one place, tho the docent was awful, so we just hung back and waited for her to take her group onward. ugh.

The Scoot was perfect for the art gallery. start, stop, look, read, closer, further. just perfect.
It was raining when we left the museum, which is good, as they've had a 13 year drought, so back we came, and here we are, listening to the rain. Thai food from around the corner tonight. Life's tough.

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  1. Good times... I admire your bravery for traveling so far and scooting great down under.