Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cynth tests the TrolleyBasket (with video!)

From Cynth:
Click here to see the video

It was easier for me to get heavy items in the TrolleyBasket than to try to get them onto the bottom of my TravelScoot.

The TrolleyBasket is made from plastic that is similiar in thickness to my laundry baskets. The top rim of the TrolleyBasket is a lot heavier than the rest of the basket. The handles appear to be sturdy and strong. I lifted everything I bought on this trip into the house using the carrying handle of the TrolleyBasket and it felt solid.

The TrolleyBasket pulls very easy and is free wheeling. Peter put all 4 swiveling wheels on mine. I like that.

The TrolleyBasket has 2 handles and you can use either one to pull it from the TravelScoot. I found the longer handle easier to use. The handle on the TrolleyBasket will not go down low enough to attach under the seat of the TravelScoot, but if you let go of the handle it stays in a little higher than horizontal position so its easy to grab and you can let go of it while reaching for items without problem.

Living alone the 8.5 gallon size is okay for me and the dog. If you have to buy a lot of heavy items you might want to purchase a larger size TrolleyBasket.

I didn't really have any issues with the TrolleyBasket. I do wish I was able to pull it behind my TravelScoot if I needed too, but it is much easier to handle than a full size shopping cart in a crowded store.

I am pleased with mine, I will use it on shopping days when I need laundry soap, milk, pop and other heavy items that all won't fit under my scoot in the caddy. I'll keep you updated on how it wears with use.

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