Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paper, Plastic or a TrolleyBasket?

From Cynth:

Check this out...

This looks like it would be good to pull behind or left hand drag for shopping on the "out of everything days". It has nice rubber wheels, the front ones swivel for easy pulling.

Here's a link to see how the wheels are mounted:

I emailed this place yesterday because I couldn't find a site to order one from since they are geared toward supermarkets. And they responded with this:


Hi Cynthia,

Of course we would be happy to sell you a TrolleyBasket. I would be very interested to learn about your experiences with it together with the mobility scooter - I think you will find it to work well. I would recommend the 8.5 gal version which we have in red, blue or black and that is $24.49. I would be happy to send you a basket if I may ask for your shipping address and payment information (credit card or check). If you prefer you can also purchase it directly from using this link.

Thank you and kind regards,



  1. Cynth, I think you've found something here. I was reading more on their site and they're designing these to work for constant use in supermarkets. I would think it'd be durable, and the prices are good. I'm just not sure which size I'd want. I suppose it would be based on what would fit in my car, but I think it'd be easy to lift this into the back seat. Then I could wheel it into my house, which would be wonderful!

  2. Yes, if you are planning on loading the basket into the trunk you need to make sure your trunk will close, so select the correct height of basket.

  3. I got the 8.5 gallon which says has dimentions of 24 X 14.8 X 14.5

    That should hold my 2 large totes which will free up the TravelScoots steering upright and hooks for my extra large tote.

  4. Update:
    The Trolley Basket site has had a make over, you can purchase baskets from this page:

    I see they also have a 14.5 gallon size now, though it isn't listed on the above page for ordering yet.