Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Questions from Denise

Denise, who recently started following this blog, wrote me with some questions. I'm going to share them and my answers here, in case anyone else has comments or more questions. Bee and Rhonda, if you're reading, there are questions for you at the end. Of course EVERYONE is encouraged to comment.

Denise wrote:

"I've been following your blog with much interest as I am considering buying a
TravelScoot as I am getting to the point that I can't seem to walk more then a
city book without getting very winded. My husband and I have a passion for
cruising and I am having more and more trouble getting around ship as I just
can't do the walking that I use to. ... I've been looking at a number of travel
scooters and the TravelScoot or the Lexis Light really seems to fit the
bill. We will be going on a transatlantic cruise in the fall and I hope to
have a scooter by then. My question for you on the TravelScoot is how long
have you had your scooter. I haven't seen anything on the long term life
of this scooter and repair situations or warrenty. Though all reviews I've
read have been positive. I like the idea that it is so small when folded
up and the width is narrow enough that we would not require a handicapped
cabin, which are hard to come by. Plus I'd hate to take up a handicapped cabin
when many need it more then me. I am quite mobile around the house.
I have corresponded with Hardy and he recommends the Jr TravelScoot for me
since I am under 5' and I weigh 250 pounds."

Denise, I’ve had my TravelScoot since February. I don’t have any long-term repair or warranty information and I haven’t had to replace the belt yet. I can say that the TravelScoot is amazingly well made, and that comment was made by an engineer who looked at mine (and bought one for Rhonda, his wife), and the owner of a scooter store who ran me down in Walmart to ask me questions about it. I’m the largest customer Hardy had ever had when I bought mine, but since then I know of two other 400+ lb women who have TravelScoots and are pleased with how they’re working for them.

I wish you could experience one in person because if you did, the choice would be a simple one to make. If you live anywhere near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you’re more than welcome to try mine. I know it must sound like I work for TravelScoot, but I’ve used several different scooters and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest for ease of use and transportability. From what I can tell Hardy runs his company mostly by himself. When I’ve had a problem or question he answers right away, and when he says he’s mailing something he does it immediately and it arrives promptly.

Bee, if you're reading, could you post some comments for Denise about cruising with your TravelScoot? You're our resident cruise authority!

And Rhonda, aren't you about the same size as Denise? Didn't you find that the regular size TravelScoot with the seat raised ended up being more comfortable for you?


  1. Denise, I am 45 miles NW of Chicago. I haven't gotten my scoot yet, but I am confident enough to offer you a ride on mine if you are closer to me. We also cruise a lot. Next one in late September to New England and Canada for the colors. I have made 2 cruises to Europe and I am so certain the scoot would have been a coveted piece of baggage.


  2. me? of course i'm reading, silly girl! ha ha

    mine is over a year old and i have no idea how many miles it has on it but i can tell you this, it has crossed the atlantic and has been on the valor, the freedom, the destiny, the liberty, and more and held up wonderfully. the only problem you will have on a cruise ship is so many people stopping you to ask where you got it and can they get one. enjoy! i do...

    smiles, bee

  3. Denise this is like a billion to one shot, but if you are any where near Boise, Idaho (no one seems to lol) I'd be happy to let you test drive my scoot.

  4. I am finding that there have been a number of things I've avoided doing because it would mean too much time on my feet with no opportunities to rest my back by sitting. I recently parked, scooted a couple blocks in one direction, then came back and went to a store in the other direction a block from my car, and then came back. simple pleasures, but a delight.

  5. Lynn Ellen, I find myself doing the same thing. After I visit my mom at her nursing home, I go ride around the beautiful grounds before I go back to my car. It's just so freeing to be able to move about however I want without pain or difficulty. My scoot is also going to help me bear the horrible humidity we have in Louisiana.

  6. Rhonda isn't set up to post to the blog, so she asked me to post this response for Denise. Denise, if you want Rhonda's email address, send me an email request to

    Rhonda wrote:


    I am 4' 11" and weight about 250 lbs, I wholly recommend getting the full-size scooter.
    There are times when I feel "larger" than the scoot. Even though I'm short, raising the
    seat is far more comfortable than riding low, as strange as it sounds, there is less leg
    fatigue riding high.

    I can't wait until I take my scoot on our cruise in November. You can tell her that we
    always store our luggage under our bed, so I know that the scoot would fit there for
    storage purposes. If for some reason it doesn't fit, I'm sure it will fit in the closet.

    Feel free to give her my e-mail address and tell her to contact me if she would like to.