Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elephant in the Room Comments

Many comments have been made about my "Elephant in the Room" post from yesterday. I've compiled them into a separate post so our email subscribers don't miss out on the comments.

Lynn Ellen's comments (made through Facebook):

Hear hear!!

I got such positive support from my spine doctor for using the Scoot, and she is always encouraging me to move move move as much as I can. But she could see how it will help me get out, do more, and how this particular scooter requires dexterity, strength, balance and fortitude.

But I like what you say about folks thinking they know what it is like to live in our bodies. Bah!

Now let's get that elephant onto a scooter already!!!

Another thought: My health status is not immediately apparent by looking at me. There are a lot of assumptions made about people of my size (super) in terms of my strength, balance, flexibility, fitness, cardiovascular health, eating habits, self-esteem, emotional health, sexuality - just to name a few.

Rhonda said...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i guess i am lucky in that no one has said this to me, yet anyway. i do know that there is NO WAY i could cruise without it and i love my cruise ships!

cynth said...

My family and friends have been nothing but supportive about my scooter because they know how much MORE it helps me get done.

Using a scooter isn't out of "laziness" it's to help us do all we can do and all we WANT to do.
I have gotten more exercise using the scooter than I was getting before. I was even sore after the first few times I used it. It makes me use muscles I apparently wasn't using as much before.

Screw people who think we don't deserve to get as much out of life as we possibly can.

nieciez said...

"If you get a scooter, you'll stop walking and it's just a downward spiral from there."

This has been my fear and one reason that I've been putting off getting the Scoot. It's good to see that it hasn't been the case for many of you.

Darlene's comments (made through Facebook):

Darlene is a large woman and she uses a power chair.

I stayed at home for years because I couldn't handle the pain in my back and knees. Once I became mobile with my power chair, my quality of life improved drastically. Now I can go just about anywhere since my power chair fits through most doors. So what if you become dependent on the scooter or chair......better than living a boring existence!

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