Monday, June 22, 2009

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery

I recently purchased a second battery for my TravelScoot. My first battery is the light-weight lithium ion battery. For my second battery I got an SLA battery.

The advantage of the SLA battery is that it's less expensive than the lithium ion battery, and it doesn't need to be protected from heat like the lithium ion battery. It also won't overload and shut off in a high stress situation. The best advantage, and the reason I got it, is because I can leave it in the trunk of my car with my TravelScoot and use the scoot at any time. Before I had to remember to have my lithium ion battery with me, and also carry it with me so it stays cool.

The disadvantage of the SLA battery is that it is HEAVY! With the SLA battery my scoot weighs 49 lbs. With the lithium ion battery it weighs 35 lbs. I solve that problem by lifting the battery in and out of my car separately from the scoot.

I tried the SLA battery for this first time this morning in Walmart. It worked great. I zipped around the store like I always do, and I didn't notice any difference in the way the scoot handled at all.

I'm happy having both types of batteries, but eventually I'll add a second lithium ion battery, so I can travel with two lightweight batteries. I'll still keep an SLA battery for my car.

In the picture the larger battery (in green) is the SLA battery, and the smaller battery (in gold) is the lithium ion battery. It's great that you can stack them too, and it's easy to do.

For more information on the difference between the batteries, go to


  1. I too have thought about getting one of the SLA batteries so I could keep it in the car and not have to carry my lithium battery around with me on a daily basis.

    I am wondering about how long one charge on the SLA will last with larger people putting it to use.

    Please keep us posted on your average riding time before charging this battery is necessary?

  2. I'm also wondering how often I'll need to take it out and charge it. One thing you're supposed to do with an SLA battery is to let it run down before you charge it. So far it's been in my trunk for 2 days and I've used it in Walmart once. Let's see how long it lasts!