Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rolling Collapsible File Cart

UPDATE 6/22/09: Rhonda has decided this was a BAD IDEA. She said she might get one more use out of hers and that's it.

From Rhonda:

I just got back from a scooter adventure at Target. Actually, first I parked at Office Depot and went in and purchased a rolling collapsible file cart to pull behind my scoot when my work doesn't fit in my other briefcases. But I also had to go to PetSmart and Sally's, so I opened up the rolling cart and pulled it behind me to the other stores.

Using the cart worked out well, so I returned my items to my car and scooted to Lowes. I then remembered that I had to pick up a prescription at Target, so off I went, rolling cart in tow. I got my prescription, picked up a carton of soft drinks and a gallon of milk and headed
to the checkout.

When everything was packed up I headed out the door and all the way over to my car, two parking lots over. Some young kid went driving by in a huge truck, blew the horn and rolled down his window to tell me how "cool" he thought my scooter was.

The cart I bought is the one in the picture, and it's available at


  1. I have several of those type of carts. I use one to bring my groceries from the car into the house. I also use it, like you do, to take things to work when I have too much to carry.

    My biggest worry about these type of carts being pulled behind the scocot is the handels wear out pretty fast, at least on the ones I have.

    I have 2 broken ones that I have perminatly taped the handels in the upright position. I use one in the garage and the other is just a spare.

    The best quality ones I have purchased are the "Pack n Roll" brand. They out lasted the cheaper version I found by a year or more. The Pack n Roll brand also say they can carry 80 pounds. I have had easy 50 pounds in mine several times and it worked lovely.

    They do rock for hauling stuff around, and I thought about using one behind my scoot... but thought I'd try to find something that is canvas with larger wheels, and sturdier handel first.

    I may have to rethink my using it after you saying it worked so nice behind the scoot.

  2. I use a rolling briefcase almost on a daily basis. It is holding up well, however, the wheels are like rolling luggage. It rolls beautifully behind my scoot but is not always big enough to carry it all. This rolling cart seems sturdy enough for occasional use but I will have to let you know how it works when used on a daily basis. The wheels aren't as good as the ones on my briefcase.