Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daniel's TravelScoot

From Daniel (in London):

You asked me about the how long the belt lasts and other TravelScoot use and wear data. I have been practising changing the Travelscoot Synchronous 5M 660 belt. It took me twenty minutes, and it is the third time I have done it myself.

The other 3 times, I got a friend to do it and watched him.

I want to be expert at replacing, so that whenever the belt breaks I can fix it -by the side of the road, if necessary.

One belt lasted me eleven months one other lasted only thirty days. Once when I was overseas and ran out of belts Hardy kindly sent one by immediate courier and so I was able to get moving again -to be with no belt is a disaster.

Here is a you-tube video of my fixing the scooter and then one with my friend trying to fix it.


May I say something about the lovely and informative community of ideas that has developed on your Elizabeth TravelScoot website? It is that I notice reference to a picture of a bell with a crossbones image on it and a few places where mention of "high speed" and even a "not stopping for anyone" and "wind in my hair"! these terms are a bit radical ! (?) If there was ever an accident -God forbid, with a TravelScoot, the data in this website could be construed to show a cavalier attitude to fellow citizen's right to walk peaceably.

I regularly search "electric wheelchair" in Google News and see many instances of people upset by scooter-users hogging the sidewalk - some injured; some others seeking revenge! God forbid, already!

I hope you won't think the preceding three paragraphs as being unwelcome or inappropriate and I hope you won't bar me from participating in the fabulous Elizabeth TravelScoot web page.

Daniel, we welcome your participation on this blog. The references we make to speed is really more about having a taste of independence than about wanting to cause danger for anyone. I'm very careful around pedestrians, and I'm sure everyone else is too, because we don't want to give TravelScooters a bad reputation.


  1. Daniel, you might have a different motor than the ones we have, because you've had your TravelScoot for 2 years. I know that there was an 11-tooth motor that was harder on the belts, but also enabled the user to be able to handle inclines better. I wonder if that's what you have?

  2. Daniel...I believe that I was the one who made the comment of "not stopping for anyone" as I was climbing the millenium bridge. That comment was made in jest . I was feeling the wind in my hair as I made a determined effort to climb the bridge. I knew if I stopped, I would never get going again. To infer from this that I would mow people down is to not see the smile on my face as I typed the comments. I continually lost my momentum because I was stopping for pedestrians on this trip. I carefully steered around them or stopped. I am afraid that if I hadn't we BOTH would be hurt. I am sorry, Daniel, but you certainly must see the lighthearted attitude made by all of us on this blog. We are having fun with our new freedom and enjoy sharing the fun.

  3. Reading text is sometimes easily misconstrued. If we could only "hear" the tone of the posts internet life would be much easier :)

    I know I have typed things (not just here) that could be misconstrued. I would never willfully mow down pedestrians. Rest assured I try to be safe scooter driver.

  4. Hey, and now we have a video to show what a safe driver you are!

    See Cynth in motion!