Sunday, June 21, 2009


Deluxe TravelScoot ... $1925
Four huge soft drinks from McDonalds ... $4
Being able to shop (and laugh) with friends for hours ... priceless

I spent today shopping in the *$!% heat with Hope, Melissa, and Melicia. We did lunch, went to the tailor, then spent hours in Catherines, Simply Fashion, and Lane Bryant.

While I didn't get as much exercise walking as they did, I got a lot more than I would have staying at home, which is what I would have done without my scoot. I lifted it in and out of the van, was up and down off it a lot, and walked in the smaller places, like the restaurant and the tailor. Even as close together as the clothing racks are at Catherine's in Hammond Aire , my scoot and I fit fine.

Before I had my scoot I wouldn't have tried a day like today, and I probably would have told myself that shopping wasn't something I really enjoyed anyway. I would have been lying to myself, because today made me very happy.


  1. what a lovely happy post!

    smiles, bee

  2. Yes a lovely post indeed. Sounds like a perfect day. Did you buy stuff? Will there be a fashion pictorial? I would enjoy that.

    I went to three stores yesterday on my scoot... bag lady that I am I went to Jo-Anns fabric and picked up a very nice large tote. Later that day it worked very nicely told hold $50 worth of groceries all by its self. I went to a grocerey store that I had not been in before. It is right down the street from my house, but it is always so crowded I have dreaded going in. After going there I can see why its crowded, the prices on almost everything are cheaper than any where else I have been so far.

    On my way out of the store a guy asked me "is that one of those fold up and put in the trunk jobs?" I said "yes, yes it is. It's a TravelScoot and it only weighs 35 pounds." He nodded with approval and gave it a good eyeing over.

    I also went to Target to just look at stuff. It really is nice to be able to just get out of the house.

    I also went to Target and just dinked around, picked up a few things