Thursday, June 18, 2009

Subscribe via email

Hi everyone, I just added a way to subscribe to this blog via email. I'm not sure if it works properly, so I subscribed to test it, now I'm posting a test post to see if it works. I'll let you know.

As of 9 p.m. I still haven't gotten anything by email, so I still don't have confirmation that it's working.

As of 9 a.m. Friday I still haven't gotten anything by email. Cynth, have you gotten anything?


  1. Drat, it only sends the email once a day, so I have to wait awhile to see if it works. I'll update about it later.

  2. Subbed... waiting to see what happens.

  3. Speaking of subscribing... look at all the people following your blog now!

    :::: waving at all the followers :::::

  4. I know! Haven't we come a long way in such a short time? I bought a new digital camera, just so I'd have it with me all the time so I wouldn't miss out on something I might want to post to the blog. Yesterday we took over 170 pictures. You'll be seeing most of them here eventually, as soon as I recover from yesterday.

  5. I received an email when you released my comments on this post. But I did not get a new email when you made the new post about the rolling cart.

  6. Cynth, it's so confusing. The email you got after I released your comments is sent by Blogspot. Blogspot doesn't have any way for you to subscribe to get an email when I a new post is posted.

    I added a widget using something called FeedBurner that will send you a once-daily email telling you new posts have been posted. I don't know if it will include the full text of the post or if it will include any comments.

    We'll see.

  7. Oh duh that's right, I had subscribed to that thread.

    I have not received any notifications from FeedBurnder.

  8. At 2:15 PM MST I did receive this feedburner message:

    Elizabeth's TravelScoot
    Coming down!
    Posted: 19 Jun 2009 09:11 PM PDT

  9. YES! I'm glad you got the message from feedburner. It must be set up correctly now, because I subscribed my sisters and they're getting it too.