Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scooter Babe Logo

Lynn Ellen asked for more details about the logo. The one with curly short hair is the original one that Cynth drew. The one with spirals on the wheels is my version. I don't have a high resolution version of Cynth's, but I do have a high resolution version of mine. You are free to use the logo, but only for goodness, or the scooter goddesses will be angry. If you need a higher resolution, email me -- elizabeth@ifisher.com.


  1. Feel free to use mine as well if you want. When I started doodleing her my resolution was low as I usually delete all my doodles. So I dont have a high res of mine either.

  2. So you're not only adventurers... you're artists too! The logo is very nice and funny (in a good way, of course), I love it! I know from experience that it's not easy to design a simple yet efficient graphic concept as this one, but you did it, congrats!