Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today was take a friend to work day

Rhonda and I had a grand adventure today. I was off so I met her at her house and went to work with her to see how she uses her TravelScoot there.

We loaded both our scoots in her Honda CRV and drove to a downtown parking garage. From there we scooted to the Governmental Building. We went up and down several ramps (I'll explain more about how that worked in future posts), rode on the elevators several times, and made lots of new friends.

I wish I'd thought to get a picture of the waiter trying out her scoot. To say he was enjoying himself would be an understatement.

After work we went on a quest for TravelScoot-compatible accessories. The Honda motorcycle store had nothing interesting, but Walmart had a basket with handles that Rhonda bought and will fill us in on how it works out. When I was loading my scoot back into her vehicle I did something weird and got the battery stuck. I don't think I could reproduce what I did, but we both think it happened for a reason because a nice man who was walking by asked if he could help. It turns out that his wife has MS, and isn't at the point where she needs a scooter yet, but he said he likes to be on the lookout for things that could help her when the time comes.

Back at Rhonda's house I helped get her set up to post comments to the blog and to get the pictures off her digital camera. I suspect you guys are going to be hearing a lot more from her.
The picture with this post was taken by a man who was using HIS camera to take a picture of us. Go figure.


  1. You know I can't wait to hear about the basket idea Rhonda has... and of course the rest of your day.

    When I was at Walmart last night the guy at the check out said "You have this down to a science don't you?" He was obviously impressed with my "bag lady" shopping setup.

    Did your battery get kind of wedged at a sort of sideways angle (sorry hard to describe)? My scoot has a bit of a bent edge on one of the battery holding pieces and I have got my battery sort of stuck there from time to time.

  2. Cynth, she bought the basket at Walmart for $15, but it looks a lot like this one:

    Her idea was to mount in as a back basket, on the u-bar that supports the seat. She called me this morning and it ALMOST works, but not quite. She's industrious though, and I suspect she's going to be trying to figure this out all day.

    Yes, that's exactly what happened with the battery. I've put it on and off many times, and I think it was just a fluke. All is well now, and nothing was damaged. I was really tired when it happened.

  3. Awesome, I hope she finds a way to make that work.

    My next master plan is to try and find or make something like this:

    for the scoot. Not as big as that of course, but large enough to hold maybe two full totes.

  4. Oh that's nice! Are you wanting to attach it to the back in some way, like a trailer?

  5. Yes exactly. I want to attach it to the post on the seat and pull it like a trailer.

    I know we can't put a lot of pressure there so it would have to be small, light weight, foldable; I am thinking canvas with aluimnum frame with very easy rolling wheels.

  6. Cynth, I still haven't figured out how to get it mounted. It almost fits perfect as is. The part that goes around the bar just needs to be a little bigger.

    Elizabeth, I think your idea sounds great. Dave and I were in Target tonight and joked about slipping the handle of the "Little Tyke Waggon" over the U-Bar and pulling it behind the scoot. I didn't have my scoot with me or it would have been field tested in the store.

  7. Rhonda, hasn't Dave figured out a way to mount it yet? :-)

  8. He studied it last night and thinks longer screws might work, so we are off to Lowes again today. He also said something about a spacer, but I couldn't understand how that would help. I guess he will show me.