Monday, June 8, 2009

Georgia's Getting a TravelScoot!

Georgia wrote...

"You're such an enabler. LOL I just ordered the scoot, an extra battery, an
extra belt, the travel set, AND the clips and drink holder from Think King. It's
all your fault and I am so excited. It should all be here in 3 days. I had to
order the heavy duty motor (290 lbs). I assume yours is the same. Does it slow
you down? What are the differences? Georgia"

(NOTE: For all you who have been asking this isn't my sister Georgia.)

Georgia, you don't do things in a small way, now do you? LOL

I'm so glad to hear you're joining the ranks, and I'll happily take the blame for enabling you! I hope you'll send me pictures ( of your adventures too. My TravelScoot has enriched my life, and I know the same is true for the others here, and it's going to be true for you too. Riding it gives me such a feeling of joy, freedom, and independence.

We'll be happy to answer millions of questions, so ask away. I'm not sure what you mean by heavy duty motor. The changes I know that Hardy Huber makes for larger folks is that he puts a non-delay throttle on our scoots, but that just means that when we give it power that it takes off immediately instead of reducing the power for a few seconds. I think the throttle delay is designed to keep skinny people from falling off when they are taking off, but that's just my theory.

Hardy may have given you an 11-tooth motor instead of a 13-tooth motor. He'd be much better at explaining the difference than I am, and why one works better for some than the other, but he does that for some people who are large (but not over 400 lbs), so they have an increased ability to climb inclines. I've heard that it slightly decreases your top speed and total distance, but not significantly. I don't think you're going to be disappointed in the speed. I am impressed with how fast mine will go. I've gotten SEVERAL comments from men in parking lots over how fast I'm able to zip around.

Hardy may have also talked to you about a larger, more reinforced seat that's going to be available soon. He told me he'd be swapping seats out for people who order before he gets the new seats in. I do like the wider seat better.

There is one thing I want to warn you about when you get your scoot and are assembling it. When you go to put the battery on, DO NOT plug it in too hard. The connector you plug together to give it power barely needs to be connected. My hubby connected mine too tight the first time and it took pliers and lubricant to get it apart.

Don't fear assembling it either. The parts hook together like vacuum cleaner wands, where you're fitting a bump on one piece to a circular hole on the other piece. It clicks together and you're done. We were so careful assembling mine, just to be sure we didn't do anything wrong but when I went to Rhonda's house and helped put hers together, we had it together in a couple of minutes. It was so easy. The first thing you'll want to do is to get the battery out and start charging it, so it's ready to go. Mine was already mostly charged, so it didn't take long to be fully charged.

What kind of vehicle will you be carrying it in? And if you don't mind sharing, what part of the world do you live in? It's nice to know where people are from. I'm in Louisiana.


  1. Wonderful! Congrats Georgia. If you only weigh 290 pounds your scoot is going to haul butt!

    I am 420 and mine goes pretty damn fast with me on it, always impresses me when I give it full throttle.

  2. WOW! I made the headlines. LOL. I am so excited. I don't have any more questions as yet, just wondering about the "Heavy duty motor". Hardy said I would need to get a running start up inclines. When I asked about the 11 tooth motor, he said he doesn't use that any more. It's too hard on the belt. All I can assume it that he knows what he's doing. I am a 59 year old retiree who has some health issues. I have had several foot surgeries and have difficulties walking distances because of endurance problems. My husband and I love to travel (esp cruises). Most recently my health has held us back. My husband pushed me in a manual wheelchair for the entire last cruise. The scoot will definitely help us on further trips and free us up in the future. Thank you for your support Elizabeth. We have a strong network of sistahs.

  3. Also duh .... we drive a Jeep

  4. Georgia, you are so right. Hardy knows what he's doing. It seems like he's always tweaking things to improve them. Your scoot is going to give you and your hubby so much freedom. I can't wait to hear about the places you go. My hubby and I want to do more traveling with mine eventually too.