Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TravelScoot at the Zoo and Discovery Center

From Cynth:

We went to the zoo today and to the discovery center. We all had a great time. We were gone from 9:30 AM to 6 PM and I rode the TravelScoot for a very good part of that.

There were lots of inclines at the zoo and I did have to get a run at them and use my feet to help push the scoot up them but it never overloaded or even flashed red like it was going to cut out. The only place I had to walk it out of was the penguin exhibit and it was down a very steep incline so we could go "under the water".

I feel a lot more confident about the scoot's capabilities after today. The picture is of my sister, my daughter and my grand kids Kira and Luna trying out the Fox Ears.

Today rocked,



  1. Cynth, I LOVE the picture collage! You all look like you're having so much fun. I'm so glad to hear your TravelScoot handled it so well. Yippee!

  2. It really did kind of amaze me that it got me up some of those inclines, even with me "running" with my feet to help it.

    I had a few people mention that my scoot looked like "the way to see the zoo".

    My grand daughters love the scoot, this is the first time I have ever got to go shopping with them or to the zoo or anywhere.

    One of them was always walking along side me. They like it when I "go faster" so they have to run to keep up with me. And Luna loved it when I went so fast she couldn't catch me. She said "gramma! that goes soooo fast!"

    They both loved ringing the bell of course, and they both wanted to drive it, I had to turn them down on that one. So they were happy to sit on it and ring the bell and pretend to drive it.

  3. It's that "cool" factor. I'm amazed how much kids enjoy the bell.

    I had to take my bell off the other day and redo it. It was trying to slip off.