Saturday, October 17, 2009

After a week of pain, retail therapy beats physical therapy

From Rhonda:

In 7 1/2 years of living in Baton Rouge, this is my first Hollydays event and I spent it scooting through 70,000 square feet of "festive holiday finery." At the end of the day, I can still walk, I can still breathe, and I'm not in severe pain.

From Elizabeth:

One muscle we definitely exercised today was our laughter muscle! I shrieked when we flew down our first treacherous hill from the parking lot to the exhibit hall. Of all the merchants we shopped with, Rhonda never hit anyone or ran over anything. I wish I could say the same for me. Rhonda didn't think I should go back in one of the booths after a little incident with a pewter tray. I say it shouldn't have been on the floor. :-)

Leo the l'ion (the new, bigger lithium ion battery) definitely got a workout with me today. I pushed it on some pretty good inclines and rode it on carpet for a couple of hours. It did not overload even once, but after several hours I did start getting the amber light occasionally. Had I been using the cub (the smaller lithium ion battery) I feel certain I would have overloaded it, and probably more than once.

Rhonda used her cub the whole time and never overloaded it or had any problems. That's the difference in how the TravelScoot motor and battery handles her weight and how it handles mine. In my normal day-to-day use at work I never overload my battery (and I use the cub for work), and my motor never overheats. It's just when I'm on it for extended periods of time pushing it on some more difficult terrain, like hilly sidewalks, handicap ramps and carpet.

The best part was that we just had a wonderful time. Neither one of us had been to Hollydays before, and it's a very big event in our community. We got a number of "cool scooters!" comments. In the last picture of us above you'll see that we stayed to the very end. Those boxes in the background where the merchants packing up. We were sitting and talking to three very nice women from Baton Rouge who were interested in our scoots. We both hope to see them again!

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