Monday, October 26, 2009

Krystal and the Moonshine Festival

Update from Krystal:

I can now carry a cup of coffee in one hand while traveling.

My co-workers have learned to listen for the sound of the Scoot so they know to clear the way. No, I haven’t run anyone down yet, but I have been told that there is now a 2 mph speed limit in the hallways.

In general, people are nice and helpful.

I’ve made two trips to the malls – not because I needed anything, just wanted to ride. Its soooooo cool!

Yesterday I got brave enough to try an outdoor festival. We have a Moonshine festival in Dawsonville every year. They block off the main roads around the courthouse for 5 blocks to show off all the old cars that were used for running ‘shine. Of course there are lots of venders, etc. Parking is blocks away, and I’d stopped going for this reason. This was the first time I’ve had to deal with hills. Not a problem at all. I didn’t even get to amber and I made half a dozen circuits. Yes, I got asked about the Scoot. While everyone thought it was cute and nifty, most thought the price was a little much. I reminded them that not only is it easier to deal with, they won’t have the expenditure of a special vehicle.

I have noticed that there are basically two types of people who ask why I’m using the Scoot: those who want to find a reason I don’t need it and those who want to compare their problems to see if it’s the thing for them. I’ve actually learned to just tell people that I have CWF (short for ‘can’t walk far without being in extreme pain, you blooming idiot’ – this is the nice version of my thoughts). It’s amazing that people don’t realize that having a nicely working body simply doesn’t compare with having to use a mobility device – no matter how cool it is.

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  1. hey i know that place! it's on georgia 400 north of atlanta, not too far from podunk!

    smiles, bee