Monday, October 12, 2009

Nancy and her TravelScoot Junior

This is my first post about Nancy, who found about the TravelScoot on a cruise she was on last March. Welcome to our group, Nancy!

I have a TravelScoot Junior with 2 of the smaller LiO batteries. I am 5'2" and weight 160 pounds. That is before I started eating the Chocolate Cheesecake I am eating on now (grin).

I have ALS so I will only be able to use it as long as I can use my legs, but I just love it.  I use it for work and shopping and can easily get it into and out of my van.

I have two airline trips coming up and I am looking forward to these travel scoot adventures. I saw a TravelScoot on a cruise out of Houston last March and that was how I heard about them. They are wonderful.


  1. Nancy, I am so glad you have a Scoot also. I think they are little miracle machines. Enjoy yours!

    My legs, for a different reason, have been going also, and when I can no longer use Scoot, s/he will be donated to another who might not be able to afford one.

  2. RE: Airline trips. Follow Hardy's suggestions. I get a "deliver to Jetway" tag and drive to the door of the aircraft. I lower the handlebars and fold them down, cover with the travel cover, and remove the battery. I leave the seat on and the Scoot unfolded. Since it weighs only 28 lbs. they have no problem carrying it down to put in the belly. It is then waiting for you on the jetway when you arrive. NOTE: This does not always work if traveling on a commuter-type (smaller) aircraft. Also, you should tell the airline (via phone) that you are traveling with a mobility device. Special Services will usually give you a call, ask several questions, and enter the info in your reservations.

  3. Welcome Nancy. I look forward to news & pictures of your adventures :)