Monday, October 12, 2009

Rhonda and Dave at the mall

Rhonda and her husband Dave went to the mall Saturday and Sunday. I don't want to put words in Rhonda's mouth, but I suspect that adventure wouldn't have been possible without her TravelScoot. The picture is of Rhonda loading her scoot into her Honda CRV.

We actually went to the mall yesterday and today. We covered the whole mall both days holding hands while I scooted and he walked. Dave was so impressed at how much stuff the scoot could carry. He kept worrying that I would be overloaded and I kept adding stuff to the hook and the triangle basket.

We encountered a few curious people which prompted Dave to ask how we ever get to have an adventure with people constantly asking questions. We met an old couple who were looking curiously at the scoot. I struck up a conversation and before I knew it Dave was giving all the details to the husband. He was so cute.

We also encountered a group of rude people. We were waiting for the elevator at one point and as I was beginning to enter the elevator a group of young people went rushing in front of me. "Dave the Babe" warned that they had better squeeze against the wall and watch their feet because I had been there first and was coming aboard. When someone complained that it was too crowded after I entered the elevator, Dave told him that maybe next time he should be a little courteous.

Have I told you lately that Dave is my hero?

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