Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reviewing the new battery, or "Leo goes to the Zoo"

I'm still struggling with what to call the new larger lithium ion battery, but I like B'racha's suggestion of Leo the Li-on (or should it be Leo the L'ion?), so I'll try that moniker on for this post, especially since my first adventure with it was at the zoo. First let's hear what Cynth has to say about hers. I snitched this from a post on her Facebook page...

Speaking of my new "gold brick". The parking lot where I usually shop has a fairly good slope to it. I try to park on the down hill side of the slope so I don't have to worry about my scoot making it up the slope with me and all my groceries. Today the store was packed and I had to park at the top of the slope.

I spent nearly $200 on groceries and what not (I have company coming this week) so you know I had lots of poundage in my TrolleyBasket and hanging from my scoot. Not to mention the 400+ pounds of fabulous sitting on the seat.

The regular Lithium Ion battery would flash yellow at me when I attempted this slope in the past with this much of a load. The double did not flash yellow once I gave it full throttle all the way to the car. I hope it keeps performing like this I was impressed.
In a previous post I wrote about the Tulane Transplant "Gift of Life" Celebration on Saturday, which was held at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. After the celebration Alan and I headed out to enjoy the zoo and put Leo through his paces. I can't explain the technology behind this new battery, but Hardy did tell me that it should work better on inclines. Was he right?

Saturday was an extremely hot day and I scooted over lots of surfaces from grass, to cobblestones, to some uneven wood planks, and many places where there were gaps in the concrete or where the cut outs weren't as smooth as they could have been. My scoot handled it all beautifully. It went over small bridges and up inclines like a champion, even though it was a blisteringly hot day.

The BEST part is that Leo never overloaded, not even once, and given past experience, I am quite certain the smaller lithium ion battery would have. I give it several big gold stars. Yeah!

In the pictures below I'm trying to catch up with the zoo train. Rhonda would describe this as "mama duck and baby duck." If you look closely you can see that I have both my lithium ion batteries stacked. I never needed the smaller one.

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