Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome, Krystal!

I received this wonderful email today from Krystal, who has a brand spanking new TravelScoot. I hope we get to hear about a lot more of her adventures!

I’d like to thank you and all the other lovely ladies that contribute to your mytravelscoot blog to help me have the courage to ride my scoot at work.

I’ve been fighting the need for help with distance walking for twenty years after a car hit me. Missing half of Dragon*Con put me more in the mind set that it would be better to have help than to miss the fun. Many hours of research lead me to the Travel Scoot and then to your blog.

Even so, as I was unpacking it yesterday, I was still having doubts. You know - the “what would people think?” thoughts. Then, in the back of my mind, I heard a little voice say: “Elizabeth would think you’re a wimp if you don’t”. With that, I put it together, rode it up and the hallway a few times, and put it in the Ravi. This morning I almost didn’t use it, but that little voice. . . . . Thanks so much!

By the way, I didn’t realize how much my co-workers were picking up on my pain. I’ve only had positive reactions – except for the jealousy. They can see all the fun I’m having!


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  1. Welcome Krystal! I'm glad you are not a whimp :)

    Looking forward to pictures and news of your TravelScoot adventures.