Friday, October 30, 2009

Live from the Carnival Dream in Barcelona!

Taken at the Freixzenet Winery in Barcelona

From Debbie:

I am coming to you live from aboard the Carnival Dream docked today in Barcelona. I wanted to share with you and your bloggers my experiences so far with my Travelscoot. It has worked out extremely well for me on this trip and I am so glad I purchased my silver “Chariot” which is what we’ve come to call her .

We had no problems with United Airlines and the batter issue that I feared. I decided to only travel with my standard sized Li-ion and bring both it and the SLA to keep weight down. When asked by United staff on what kind of battery it was I just said oh, I don’t know, it is a sealed kind that is approved for airline travel by DOT and that worked. I drove it down the jet way and they carried it to the luggage area for me. When we arrived in Rome the baggage handlers took it to baggage claims and not the gate but they radioed someone to bring it back and that went smoothly.

We were only spending two days in Rome before boarding out cruise ship. We arrived in Rome early the first day so we didn’t do much due to jet lag except explore the streets and area around our hotel. The Scoot did well over the uneven pavement and was easy to lift down and over curbs. Our second day we had a “Highlights of Rome” tour booked and we wouldn’t have been more pleased on how well the Scoot did over the cobblestones at the Vatican, the Colosseum, Tivoli Fountain; Parthenon etc.. It was a real joy to ride all through St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica as I would never have been able to do this under my own steam. The only stop that I was not able to participate in was the Catacombs but they had wonderful gardens that I was able to enjoy. The tour operator had a 8 passenger van that had room for luggage in the back and we could lift the scoot in and out at all stops.

My “Chariot” has been perfect for getting around the Carnival Dream which is Carnival’s new mega ship at 135,000 tons. This ship has a wonderful wrap-around promenade which we’ve enjoyed taking “strolls” around. I am getting many questions about the Travelscoot and a lot of thumbs up for it’s design. Thanks Hardy!

Today we did a tour of the Freixenet winery and once again the Travelscoot was my perfect companion. Luckily for me the winery is very handicapped friendly. I was able to use an elevator to reach all 4 levels of the cellars. Fascinating tour. From what I’ve learned, Barcelona is a very friendly city for the handicapped.

So, this is where I leave off for now. All aboard has just been called and we will be setting sail for our next port of call, Palma De Mallorca where we have booked a tour of Valldemossa, Deia & Soller. I hope we have as much freedom here as we’ve had so far…..

Ciao for now!


  1. we booked the dream for jan 23! have fun honey! we took this cruise two years ago on the carnival freedom, it was wonderful! unfortunately it was before i got "scoot" and was in a wheelchair so there was much i did not do that i would have liked to do.

    smiles, bee

  2. Bee, I'm so glad to hear you guys have a cruise to look forward to!