Friday, October 30, 2009

Scooting to the Washington Monument

Kay used her TravelScoot for a new adventure -- visiting her son Ben at George Washington University. While she and her husband were there, they did some sightseeing. Isn't this a great picture?! Ben also just happens to be my youngest nephew, and one of my favorite people in the world.

Having her scoot enabled her to do a lot more than she could have walking, and without being so exhausted. They "walked" from their hotel to campus and also walked 15 blocks to see the Washington Monument. She's got Leo (the larger lithium ion battery) and it worked beautifully. In the picture you can also see that she has the black and silver version of the Think-King cup holder. I love mine because it folds up with the scoot, and if there's not a drink in it it'll hold a lot of other things, like glasses, car keys, and my camera.

Her hubby has also noticed that she has more energy when she gets home at night to do other things, like cook, and it has also helped lessen her pain. What I love hearing is how people she sees every day on her commute from New Jersey to New York have made comments about how she's smiling or about how cool her scoot is. Our sister Rae got her the lime green tag on the front with the "K" on it. It's a luggage tag. I have one on my scoot all the time too. It's fashionable and functional.

Go Kay!

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