Friday, October 2, 2009

Debbie's TravelScoot Debut

After having my TravelScoot for almost two weeks, I finally got to try it out (outside of my living room and kitchen). I had to take the battery, seat and basket off of it to get it out of my house onto the porch. I reassembled it, powered it up and ZOOM...whoops, too much zoom. I went flying down the ramp from my porch down the sidewalk toward my car. I got stopped before I got to the car, although I think I used my foot instead of the brakes. After that I rode it on the road in front of my house a few times. Then I parked it by the trunk of my car, my niece came along and wanted to help me put it in the car. I told her no, that is why I bought it and if I couldn't load and unload it myself, I had wasted my money. I took it apart, loaded it in two or three minutes, so I was very proud of myself. The next day I took it to Menards, since they don't have electric carts and it is a huge store. After that, I was wanting to go to Walmart, but was debating if I would, well, as it happens, it is adjacent to Menards, so I scooted from their parking lot, across the service road and into Walmart's lot and store.

About buying the scoot, I was so hesitant, I wrestled with the decision for four months. One of my biggest concerns was that I would not be able to load it in and out of my car myself, which is the whole reason I wanted it. I am thrilled that I CAN! If anyone out there is debating, it really is as easy as Hardy makes it look. Elizabeth's TravelScoot website is probably the reason I bought it, seeing all the pictures, videos and stories. Thank you for providing it for all of us to enjoy. Okay, since I was by myself, I don't have any pictures of me riding it, so I have included pics of my scooter cats. They all liked trying it out while I had it in the house.


  1. Debbie, I am so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

    I laughed when I read what you wrote about "too much zoom." I have to be careful when someone new is trying mine out to turn off the power because as soon as I tell them how to make it go they automatically turn the throttle and end up "zooming" when they didn't intend to.

    We look forward to seeing more of your adventures. My hubby is going to LOVE seeing all the cat pictures. Your cat family is beautiful.

  2. I had to laugh about the "too much zoom" comment also.
    I have, accidentally when stopped, twisted the throttle..not so wheeeeee.....
    So I now, when stopped for even a short sec, turn it off!

    Your cats are beautiful, btw.

  3. That is quite the herd of cats! I love that orange one and that they ALL had to sit on the scoot.

  4. Yes, all my kids had to see how comfortable the seat was. Frances, the calico in the 2nd picture even stayed on the seat and took a little ride. I have a pug that rides on the floor board of my old Pride GoGo, but there isn't anyway to ride him on the scoot, not that I have figured out yet. You probably guessed by now, I'm all about my animals. I can't wait to take the scoot out and about again. Rain today and can't get it wet.