Sunday, October 4, 2009

B'racha's Scoot 101 Course

B'racha's Scoot 101 Course

The TravelScoot is shown here partially collapsed. The Prius floor can be lifted out, creating an even deeper well in back and in that configuration the Scoot doesn't need to be collapsed. For that matter, the back seats both fold down so there is lots of room even with Scoot in place.

Notice that in these photos, the front basket is still attached, even though the scoot is folded. 

Attaching the battery. Be careful not to plug the red connector too firmly, or you'll have trouble disconnecting it.

 Attaching the seat

Putting on the seat back, which, btw, does not have to be used.

Jim said it took under 3 minutes for me to to assemble it the 1st time, and that was with a defective, and difficult, battery connection which has since been replaced.

We dug luggage out of the attic to show friends what they could do if they had a Scoot.
Spreading the joy, and singing of freedom!

Ooops, cut it too tight...where's that porter?

Luggage cart & "porter." Mustn't forget to tip him. ;-)

This photo also shows how the luggage handle is looped over the seat post and explains how you could carry multiple pieces of luggage under your legs if they are on their side rather than flat.


  1. I never thought of leaving the basket on the front of the scoot while I folded it down. I will have to try that.

  2. If I had to take the basket off I wouldn't be able to use it. I can't feel what I am doing with the different doohickeys used to hold it on.
    However, it usually is collapsed, not open as shown in the photo.

  3. I hadn't noticed that! I edited the post to draw attention to it. Very cool.