Sunday, October 4, 2009

B'racha's Scoot's Accessories

Prius trunk w/ Scoot, battery, & 2, wheeled shopping baskets called Trolley Baskets. Mine are adapted for use with a scooter, but they are also sold to grocery chains, & individuals, for use by walking people as well.

expandable cup holder

Holder can expand even more. I need to move it down so that it is just above the basket.


  1. Rhonda has a drink holder like the blue one in the bottom picture. She got it from Office Depot. It holds a bottled water nicely, and she just loops the handle over her handlebars.

  2. I would love to know where she got the expandable drink holder. It looks like it would be useful to have. Curious minds need to know!!!

  3. B'racha, where did you buy your folding cup holder?

  4. OK, folks, the price variance is huge!
    Best two sources I found are:
    $14.67 + shipping (he mentioned 5.95 but whether that was to my location or flat for that product I don't know) Nova cup holder
    $19.95 w/ free shipping IF you have PRIME

    Be forewarned, it received poor reviews at Amazon, for a ridiculous reason, which prompted me to write my first ever, I believe, review pointing out (indirectly of course)the fallacy in the issue.

    Mine has been on my rollator for 3 years, in the back of my car & although it feels a little flimsy,
    groceries, boxes of books, & luggage have been mindlessly dumped on top, with NO damage, nor has extreme heat in the parked car affected it.

  5. ooops, the Nova cup holder is only for search purposes at Amazon, it is not part of the url.