Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kay's Battery

Hardy was out of the standard lithium ion battery when Kay ordered her scoot, so she got an SLA battery AND the brand new larger lithium ion battery. I ordered the new battery too, and I'll post more about it tonight, including pictures. The reason for buying both batteries is because the SLA battery isn't heat sensitive and can be stored in the trunk of a car. The lithium ion battery needs to be kept cool. The advantage of the lithium ion battery is that it is MUCH lighter (6 lbs. instead of 20 lbs.), and it also will go much further (about 1 1/2 times as far as the SLA). The advantage of the new lithium ion battery is that it's got a much greater capacity. Hardy told me he weighs 240 lbs and he gets 22 miles out of his. I'll be trying mine out this weekend at the New Orleans Zoo.

Still confused about batteries?  Take a look at Hardy's explanation on his website, at

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