Monday, October 5, 2009

Cup holders

Several people asked here and on Facebook where B'racha got her cup holder. Here's her reply:

OK, folks, the price variance is huge!

Best two sources I found are:
$14.67 + shipping (he mentioned 5.95 but whether that was to my location or flat for that product I don't know)
Nova cup holder
$19.95 w/ free shipping IF you have PRIME

Be forewarned, it received poor reviews at Amazon, for a ridiculous reason, which prompted me to write my first ever, I believe, review pointing out (indirectly of course)the fallacy in the issue.

Mine has been on my rollator for 3 years, in the back of my car & although it feels a little flimsy, groceries, boxes of books, & luggage have been mindlessly dumped on top, with NO damage, nor has extreme heat in the parked car affected it.

My favorite cup holder is still my Think-King. I like drinks with ice in them, and it holds very large drinks. It's also great for holding my glasses, camera and car keys.

Check out these photos of it in use!

B'racha's Nova Cup Holder

Elizabeth's Think-King Cup Holder


  1. Elizabeth,and anyone looking for a cup holder, if I hadn't already had mine, I would have bought the one Elizabeth uses. I think all around it is the better product, and it has a major is easily removable. Mine is not, and although mine expands to almost 4", it appears as though the other is bigger.

    I still might put this back on the rollator and order a Think-King for pay period, he gets a new battery first, lol.

  2. I can't take credit for finding it though. The Think-King products were Cynth's discovery! I just really, really love mine. It squishes flat when I fold my scoot, it's been attached for months and is still solidly attached, and it can take lots of abuse. Their hooks are great too.

  3. The great thing about the Think-King cup holder is it holds my cell phone, my keys, my camrea and my shopping list.. oh and it will hold a drink too :)