Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Bag for the Cub (the smaller lithium ion battery)

From B'racha:

I got this insulated wine bag for $4.99 at a TJ Maxx, hoping it would work for the cub (the smaller lithium ion battery), which I had been carrying in an ugly, and cumbersome, "camelback" carrier.

As you can see from the pix, it is great. I believe the Company makes other, larger varieties, but whether there are any Leo shaped I don't know.

A close watch at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and even Tuesday Morning (if one has them in their area) might unearth a larger neoprene, for a reasonable price, capable of holding LEO (the larger lithium ion battery).


  1. Office Depot also sells these. I bought a smaller one that holds a 20 oz. bottle of water. It hangs easily over my handlebar. I also bought one that is a lunch bag. It hold both lunch and a 20 oz. bottle with a separation in between. It also hangs easily on the handlebar. The wine bag looks much less cumbersome than the bag I use, hmmmm, I think I may need one.

  2. B'racha, what a great idea. The Cub scraches so easilly