Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scooting around the GA aquarium and Abilities Expo

From Krystal:

Yes, the Scoot can handle the Ga Aquarium.


The best so far was the Ocean Voyager where the shark whales and mantas are. You get to walk (roll) through a tunnel under them! I didn’t get to check out The Cold Water Quest part as it was closed for construction on the new dolphin area. The Shark exhibit was educational to say the least and well worth the extra cost.

There’re ramps or elevators so there isn’t trouble getting to the upper levels. The best ramp was the one going up to the ballroom – one whole floor curving around. I didn’t quite run over a couple of people. I still have to remember that I can go fast again.

If you haven’t visited it, there’re a few hints:

1) If you have anyone with you who can’t walk far comfortably, you drop them off at the entrance and then scoot to meet them. Yes, the walkway from the parking is that long.

2) Don’t go into the Deepo Wondershow unless you are willing to sit in the very first row in front of all those children and get a creak in your neck as you are way too close to the screen or are willing to be separated from your Scoot. Yes, they even took a walker away from an elderly lady.

3) Definitely go during the week in the mornings. Less traffic to have to zip around. Be careful of the walkies, sometimes they go way too slow. (Did I just say someone was too slow? Cool.)

4) Have fun in the bathrooms. There’s only one full size accessible stall in each and it’s also a changing station for babies. Yep, you guessed it, if you can get in one, it smells – literally. The other accessible stalls aren’t really as they are just little wider versions of the regular stalls with handrails.

Now if you really want to show off a Scoot, go to one of the Abilities Expos:


Yes, I got a lot of attention – or rather Vroom Vroom did (yep, that’s my name for my Scoot).

Two of my favorite incidents:

One of the Rascal scooter men wants to sell Scoots also. He tried showing off the Rascal – I zipped around with the scoot. The real tie breaker was me picking it up. I’m only 5 feet tall, so it’s more impressive.

I finally let someone else try Vroom Vroom. She said she was thinking about getting the Scoot, but the price and the fact that it didn’t look all that sturdy put her off a little. She was sitting in one of those monster scoots, so I happily showed off a little. Rocking back and forth trying to tip it showed just how sturdy it really is. The tiny little donuts proved the maneuverability. Just how convenient it is, I got off and picked it up – two batteries, goodie bags, and all to show. Then I let her try the ride. Think she’s hooked. I also happily pointed out that the price was nothing when compared to the fact that you don’t need a special vehicle, lift, or extra person to help. (Having the van dealers there helped – 45,000 for special van.)

One of the things I’ve come to realize at one of those shows. Be prepared to pick it up a lot to prove your point if you really want to show off. I didn’t break it down because most people could see how easy it would be. I did let them know how big the box it came was.

Hardy really needs to put printable cards up on his site. I could have papered the place.

Happily Scooting in Atlanta,



  1. Great post! I wish I had been there!

  2. Krystal that sounds like a total blast! I wish Idaho had a big aquarium... alas it is Idaho.