Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nancy took her TravelScoot fishing!

From Nancy:

I did get an email from Tony and from Hardy at mail@travelscoot.com. Having trouble with my seat something another coming loose and hanging down. Will try a staple gun to fix it.

I've had two more successful flights on American Airline by just gate checking my TravelScoot and putting the LiO battery in the wine cooler I got at TJ Max then into my small Jansport daypack and carried it on the plane and put it under the seat in front of me. No problems what so ever. I just mentioned that "They recommend that I carry the battery with me on the plane" and no one questioned it or even asked who "They" were. Of course, I had a plan B had they objected. The scooter was waiting for me at the door when I got out and I usually had an audience putting the battery back in and uncovering the throttle. Even the airline pilot was interested. The cargo guys loved the light weight. Weighs no more than the larger foldup baby strollers.

Also took the TravelScoot up on a fishing pier at North Top Sail Beach this weekend and had a great time pier fishing. Nice ramp up to the pier from inside the office. I am working on a way to carry more food on top of the front basket. If I get it to work, I will send a picture. The basket is too small to hold a paper plate of food from my work cafeteria.

Thanks for all your help.

Has anyone else had the trim on their seat come loose? If so, how did you fix it? Mine is coming off too. I think a staple gun will work, but I haven't tried it yet.


  1. I can tell you not to try a hot glue gun it doesn't hold at all.

    I have been going to try a staple gun but I bought the wrong size staples.

    I might just try pulling the entire trim piece off instead. I thought about replacing it with a strip of that "dingle ball" trim from the Cheech and Chong days. :)

  2. Please please PLEASE send me a picture of your seat after you add the "dingle ball" trim!